Friday, April 3, 2015

Cloud CPM suits positioned to be next 'Leaders' in Gartner's 2015 report.

Cloud CPM suite providers -Host Analytics, Adaptive Insights, Tagetik and Anaplan are moving into 'Leader' quadrant. Gartner has published 'Magic Quadrant CPM 2015 Report' and identifies trends in CPM suites.

Current hosted solution providers - SAP , Oracle and IBM are current leaders in CPM solution offering. They are late to understand customers needs, as their focus was on their cash cows 'ERP'. Cloud CPM suite providers realized this opportunity, and now with high customer satisfaction, they will move in 'Leader' quadrant.

Three strengths which cloud CPM has are
  1. Pure-play 'Cloud' solutions- which translates to reduced costs per user and easy upgrades
  2. Mobile device accessibility- user friendly UI and web analytics
  3. Pre-built models for planning and consolidation, and function specific rich features. e.g. HR and Sales models.

Host Analytics, was the first pure-play cloud vendor. Host Analytics started offering its cloud CPM service in 2007. It maintains its 'visionary' vendor position. Host Analytics provides function specific rich features to HR and Sales models.

To make migration to Cloud, vendors offer migration paths and tools to move your models and data from legacy to cloud CPM suite.

If you have a need for cloud CPM solution, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in moving away from 'Excel chaos' or expensive hosted solution.

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