Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SAP EPM 10- Matrix Security

I have posted a video here, to demonstrate the Matrix Security in SAP EPM10. You can use multiple dimensions to build you data access profile. This allows administrators to have a complex scenario, and also reduces the total number of data access profiles.

In the video i have demonstrated, how you can create a DAP using a Region and Product combination.

Data Access Profile
Africa, AsiaPac, Europe
Africa, AsiaPac, Europe, N America, S America
Africa, AsiaPac, Europe, N America, S America
N America, S America
Read Only
Read Only

Is it possible to create a Matrix Profile with three dimensions- Region, Product and Time?
The above scenario will be useful when e.g. a Footwear Sales Manager's role evolves (FY 2015, FY 2016
) and is responsible for apparel and accessories in three year planning cycle. Or a Sales Manager's role will be shrunk  (in FY 2015, 2016) to only Footwear, as the company grows it adds apparel and accessories to a new sales manager.

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