Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Profitability Analysis in SAP BPC with HANA

If you have a background in SAP COPA (Controlling-Profitability Analysis) and wondered if similar planning can be done in SAP BPC, you will find this article interesting.

SAP COPA is a great tool to collect the actual data, but does not have a good user interface for planning. Users of COPA usually plan in Microsoft Excel sheet and plugin the values in COPA planning templates. This defeats the whole purpose of interactive planning. This is due to the fact the templates are not flexible and cannot be generated dynamically.

In earlier blog we discussed about 'Key Figure' limitation in BPC. 

The other limitation is COPA can have 50 Characters, whereas a BPC Model ('Application' in 7.5 am older versions) can have only 20. An Environment ('ApplicationSet' in BPC 7.5 an older versions) can have 50 or more dimensions, if required we can create multiple Models each with different sets of COPA characteristic (or Characteristic groups) and join them using a common denominator (e.g. a segment).

We have helped clients to address COPA planning limitations in BPC. Contact us to discuss your case scenario.

With HANA, many limitations of COPA using traditional database can be overcome. We will cover COPA+HANA in over next blog. 

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