Sunday, November 4, 2012

Profitability Analysis Using SAP BPC

Can I make my Profitability Analysis (COPA) Planning in SAP as simpler as my Cost center or Revenue Planning in SAP BPC?

Agile Answer: Yes, you can.

SAP BPC's design is based on an Amount (Keyfigure), whereas SAP COPA can have multiple value fields (Keyfigure's). 

How do you load the COPA multi-Keyfigure in BPC? The key word to use in your transformation file is MVAL.

Dimension =*MVAL(keyfiguretype1|dim_mem1||keyfiguretype2|dim_mem2||keyfiguretype3|dim_mem3)

For reporting, you need to expand this Dimension on same axis as your key figure.

Challenges with COPA data in BPC

  1. I like COPA, but the only limitation for business users in planning scenarios is 'inflexible' layouts. Unlike BPC reports/input schedules, COPA reports/planning layouts have to be configured. Which means a IT resource is required.
  2. Users can plan quantities (or revenue) and COPA  can derive the revenue(or quantity) based on standard price or other measures. To achieve similar results enhancements are required in BPC.
  3. If you get past #2, now some users would like to copy BPC data to COPA. How do we do it? It’s a complex development with a BAdI.  
We have helped clients to clear all the above barriers to create COPA like scenario in BPC. Do contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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